Hello wonderful galaxy.

As you can see, I'm still around. I have just been busy rejecting Younglings for being too annoying. Yoda brings in all these little obnoxious kids who think they own The Force and I find a million reasons to kick them all out of the Academy. Remind me never to have kids.

(I'm an easy person to get along with, I promise.)

Anyways, I have lots of holos I need to post for you from recent and not-so-recent trips and adventures of mine. So be on the lookout!

How have you all been?
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big head?

I love this place. How can you all not live there?

I know if I lived on this planet I would definitely live in Disney World. I can afford it. I'm a Jedi (and by afford it I mean Jedi Mind Trick everyone into letting me live there).

These are some holos from awhile back of me at Disney World again. Who wants to come with me next time I go?

Why is Eeyore so damn gloomy all the time? He reminds me of Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan doesn't need his tail pinned back on usually though, he needs his brain pinned back in. Mmmhmm, I said it. That's what he gets for bringing Anakin Skywalker here. :|

Me visiting Pooh and friend's playground and house and such. They weren't around though. I was kind of sad. Dealing with all those tools on Coruscant everyday makes me just want to hug something cuddly. And eat some honey. Or something. See, I'm man enough to admit all this to you guys.

I know people complain about it's a small world. But I like it. I mean, it's not a very long ride cause you all only have to deal with a world and not a damn galaxy. Plus, the chicks on it are hot -- look at them. I didn't say anything.

zoopiglet and tenel_ka got me this nice little replica of my lightsaber. It even lights up. It doesn't make noises though. Which I guess is kind of good cause usually when a lightsaber makes noise, people here on your planet start trying to recreate the noise with their mouths. And that's just obnoxious.


We found this stage in the Magic Kingdom and I put on a performance for everyone. I wish you all could've been there.

Here is myself and my good friend Mooch. He was decked out in his pirate outfit, errr... bandanna (animals don't wear other clothes on your planet). We were sitting around blabbing on the stage about what attraction to hit next. He wanted to go on Jungle Cruise, naturally.

Bet you didn't know I could do the splits like that.

Look! I'm all ready to see the 4-D Bug's Life movie at the Animal Kingdom! Obi-wan can't make fun of my big head because look how huge these glasses are!

Dragon*Con is coming up soon! Tell me you guys are going. Come on. Jedi aren't supposed to kidnap people, but I will kidnap all of you and take you. I will use my amazing plastic hands Jedi strength to take you with me.
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Dragon*Con 2007.

So I've finally had enough time off to put these holos up for everyone's amusement (mostly my own, and Obi-Wan's). I have been on a mission trying to shape up Anakin's sorry emoness, but it's not working. That boy needs some serious help. I'll need to find a good rehab for him on Coruscant. I think the galaxy has seen enough shots of him getting out of speeders with no panties on.

Anyways, here's some fun holos from the trip.

That straw looks kind of funny, yes. But the drink was gigantic and I needed a place to sit. And that was the easiest way to be able to reach my drink quick. French fries are salty and I always need to drink after I eat them.

Do you like my new outfit? I was wondering if the orange sandals were too much. I still don't get your fashion on this planet.

Mmmm, your Earth tortilla chips.

It's water, I swear. With... salt on the rim. Cause I like saltwater. Don't look at me like that.

Me and Ronnie, "chillaxing"... what exactly does that word mean, anyways? I heard it so many times that weekend and I don't understand it.

Jason and I watching some television. I think there was some guy with pointy ears on. Something Star Trek related? Star Trek? Seriously? They don't get cool stuff like lightsabers, psh. The dude with the pointy ears was kind of neat though. I would be his friend.

This is Ashley and myself participating in a few rounds of a silly game called Pop 5 Cranium or your Cranium Pops 5 or something. Ashley and I always stuck together on a team, we kept switching. Everytime we were on a team, that team won. If I had hair, I would be flipping it in triumph right now.

This is me in my Christopher Turk outfit again -- eating some nachos. We got room service. I was so hungry. I think I had some of everyone's food. They were too busy watching people on the television box in costume acting or singing or something. I was not interested. I was hungry.

And catch me at Disney World in a couple weeks. I'm sure I'll be getting lots of good holos there. Especially since I will be attending the Halloween party. I love all your weird holidays here on Earth. Heh.
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big head?

My coming adventures.

Greetings all. I just wanted to say that I will be attending one of your Earth-convention things again. The same one I went to last year, Dragon*Con. This year I will be dressing up though. 'Cause I have a favorite show on your television thing. It's called Scrubs. And I will be dressing up as Christopher Turk. So if you will be there, be sure to say hi and get a holo with me. I want to put it in my scrap-- I mean, Obi-Wan will want to put it in his scrapbook.

Here is a treat to pass the time until D*C and the holos from it. These are old holos that are on my website (that I had before posting all of them on this holojournal thing) -- just so any new people can get a taste of what I do.

1.) Here is me getting your form of currency.

2.) I always opt for the BIGGIE size. I think you know why.

3.) Interesting programming you people have at an Inn I was staying at during Jedi business.

4.) Good night time.

And as a bonus, Obi-Wan and I having some fun with one of your games.

Then I celebrate my big win while Obi-Wan looks on bitterly, in defeat. The loser.

Oh, and I will also be visiting your Disney World place again in October. I look forward to seeing that big rodent once more.

Peace. (You guys still say that, right?)
big head?

The zoo?

Greetings, everyone! So a little while ago, I took a trip to a zoo. It was in a little city called Baltimore. And I saw many strange animals. But the thing that got to me the most was the Younglings Section of the zoo. Did they really want kids to try these things? How odd, man.

Here, the zoo was telling me to Nest Like A Heron. So I crawled in the big oversized thing and relaxed a bit.

The Zoo was commanding me to Walk On My Knuckles Like A Chimpanzee. So I did. But the ground was a little wet and my stylish Earth Pants got damp.

This is where they told me to crawl in this oversized shell and pretend I was a Turtle. I felt tiny in there. And tiny is not a normal feeling for me.

Those are some adventures of mine at the zoo. Later in your month October, I'm going back to Disney World... for, uh... a mission. And I'll be at Dragon*Con again in September. If I do anything else, I'll be sure to post about it here.

Oh, and does my scarf look okay? I was kind of chilly, but I couldn't pass up wearing my Earth-wifebeater. Why are those shirts called wifebeaters? You all are a crazy people.
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Hey kids!

Greetings! Sorry I've been away for so long. Been training a few padawans and things. But I have a few goodies for you, because I may have a swift pimp hand, but I am generous.

First off, I wanted to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day. Whatever that is. A day of love, but Jedi can't love, so yes. And that is me, holding a candy heart. It says Lover Boy. Those things taste funny, by the way.

I found some fun holos from last Dragon*Con. I went to a restaurant with a few of my Earth friends and I sampled some of your cuisine. Here is me with chocolate cake. It was good.

I like the color green. But I like purple better. Some drink of the alcohol variety. Hmmm.

I tried your "beer"... it was alcoholic and frothy. It may look like I'm scooping it up and drinking it here, but I'm not. I'm wafting the scent up to my face.

I had to sit down after one sip. I don't usually drink alcohol (Jedi!) it gets to me fast. My shoe is kind of coming off in this holo. But I was still all there mentally, Jedi's honor.

... I was sleeping.

Hope everyone is doing well. I'm going to go get Obi-Wan to shut his face now, he's gabbing about that daytime holodrama, "Not Without My Wookiee"... he is a girl, methinks.
pulp mace XD

I'm snappy!

So I celebrated your silly Earth holiday called "Halloween" and I dressed up as one of your silly holovid villains from that movie that came out this year called Silent Hill. I played your games too. I think I might like the games better, but this character is in both the games and the movie and it is very un-Jedi of me to say that he is really kickass. Sorry Jedi. Anyways, here's me as Pyramid Head.


You know you want to.

There's some new holodrama coming out tomorrow called Snakes on a Plane. And everyone should go see it, if only for the fact that the lead actor is quite dashing. Not as dashing as me, but very close.

Anyways, this shot is my tribute to it's greatness. It was taken at Disney World.

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Me around the world?

Here is second set of pictures from the World of Disney place. I am traveling through their "World Showcase" at their "Epcot" and seeing what other places this Earth-ball has to offer. I don't know why these people don't just jump in a ship and coast to them all. It really wouldn't take that long. Especially in a Jedi Starfighter, hello.

Mexico: This was really nice. The outside kind of reminded me of some kind of Jedi Temple. The inside had fountains and good food. The outside had hot weather. Thanks land of Florida. And on the inside, it was magically nighttime.

Norway: Here is me with what Norway calls "trolls" -- they kind of look like little bulbous Yodas, no?

China: That plant-animal thing looks like it's going to eat me. China was pretty.

Germany: The dolls are staring at me. I was afraid to sit on that bench. I ate some good breading twisted into a funny shape. It had a name, but I don't remember it. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

Italy: This holo came out blurry because the lighting was bad in Italy. But I still liked it. There were some people in these masks who walked around and looked particularly frightening. The masks had mouths that didn't move and little cutouts for eyes and they just stared and just... just... no.

Japan: Oh the food here. Obi-Wan would be so jealous. He loves beef. Yeah. I said it.

Morocco: Morocco had pretty fountains too. And lots of backstreets. But people try to beat me up on backstreets, no matter where I am -- and I have to resort to hurting them. So I did not walk on these backstreets.

France: France has stuff called chocolate. It was brilliant. And funny music playing too. Why were all the chairs made out of wire? They hurt my behind.

U.K.: I think you use this thing to talk to people. A phone? ...yeah. Comlinks are much handier. And you don't have to insert credits into creepy little slots on comlinks. Sorry big phone box.

Canada: These masks were my favorite thing. Because I like birds. I knew this bird thing named Vergere once... wait, she was a skank. I'm not a big fan of birds.
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(no subject)

Here is my first set of pictures from the place known as Florida. The World of Disney stuck me in a hotel called the Caribbean Beach Resort, which makes sense cause there's some beaches. This first set here is just me surveying the area. I had to dress to fit in. My Jedi robes just wouldn't look right.

Disney has really nice hammocks (if you remember the shot from a long time ago). So of course, as I surveryed the area to report back, I had to appear like the rest of the people there and laze around a bit.

Here is me and some sort of avian creature. He was giving me the evil eye so I didn't stare at him. I didn't have my lightsaber with me and I didn't want to have to resort to using the Force on it. That would be mean.

Lake beach. It was quite peaceful. Although, that feathery thing was still somewhere behind me. But I know he wouldn't dare eat me. I taste bad.

I am riding a creature made of sand and rock. I figured out it was only a statue after I sat on it for a moment and it didn't go anywhere. I was a tad let down. I wanted to use it to ride to the main building and get a drink. My feet were tired.

I found a colorful play area, probably for the children. But I amused myself and played on it for a bit. I had to make sure it was safe for the children.

... I like slides.

This glass bubble reminded me of being in that cockpit on that ship with Obi-Wan that one time, when he almost got us killed cause -- oh wait, that's everytime I'm on a ship with Obi-Wan. The loser.

Next update, which should be sometime this weekend (tell your friends, or something) will be me AROUND THE WORLD. And by around the world, I mean the world that this Disney place seemed to fit into their little Epcot park. It's like they took pieces from some countries on this planet and put them in a circle around a lake. It's clever. And astonishing and confusing all at the same time. Those crazy Disney kids. They remind me of Anakin Skywalker, only much smarter.

... and prettier too.
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