July 16th, 2006


Me around the world?

Here is second set of pictures from the World of Disney place. I am traveling through their "World Showcase" at their "Epcot" and seeing what other places this Earth-ball has to offer. I don't know why these people don't just jump in a ship and coast to them all. It really wouldn't take that long. Especially in a Jedi Starfighter, hello.

Mexico: This was really nice. The outside kind of reminded me of some kind of Jedi Temple. The inside had fountains and good food. The outside had hot weather. Thanks land of Florida. And on the inside, it was magically nighttime.

Norway: Here is me with what Norway calls "trolls" -- they kind of look like little bulbous Yodas, no?

China: That plant-animal thing looks like it's going to eat me. China was pretty.

Germany: The dolls are staring at me. I was afraid to sit on that bench. I ate some good breading twisted into a funny shape. It had a name, but I don't remember it. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

Italy: This holo came out blurry because the lighting was bad in Italy. But I still liked it. There were some people in these masks who walked around and looked particularly frightening. The masks had mouths that didn't move and little cutouts for eyes and they just stared and just... just... no.

Japan: Oh the food here. Obi-Wan would be so jealous. He loves beef. Yeah. I said it.

Morocco: Morocco had pretty fountains too. And lots of backstreets. But people try to beat me up on backstreets, no matter where I am -- and I have to resort to hurting them. So I did not walk on these backstreets.

France: France has stuff called chocolate. It was brilliant. And funny music playing too. Why were all the chairs made out of wire? They hurt my behind.

U.K.: I think you use this thing to talk to people. A phone? ...yeah. Comlinks are much handier. And you don't have to insert credits into creepy little slots on comlinks. Sorry big phone box.

Canada: These masks were my favorite thing. Because I like birds. I knew this bird thing named Vergere once... wait, she was a skank. I'm not a big fan of birds.
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