August 10th, 2007

big head?

My coming adventures.

Greetings all. I just wanted to say that I will be attending one of your Earth-convention things again. The same one I went to last year, Dragon*Con. This year I will be dressing up though. 'Cause I have a favorite show on your television thing. It's called Scrubs. And I will be dressing up as Christopher Turk. So if you will be there, be sure to say hi and get a holo with me. I want to put it in my scrap-- I mean, Obi-Wan will want to put it in his scrapbook.

Here is a treat to pass the time until D*C and the holos from it. These are old holos that are on my website (that I had before posting all of them on this holojournal thing) -- just so any new people can get a taste of what I do.

1.) Here is me getting your form of currency.

2.) I always opt for the BIGGIE size. I think you know why.

3.) Interesting programming you people have at an Inn I was staying at during Jedi business.

4.) Good night time.

And as a bonus, Obi-Wan and I having some fun with one of your games.

Then I celebrate my big win while Obi-Wan looks on bitterly, in defeat. The loser.

Oh, and I will also be visiting your Disney World place again in October. I look forward to seeing that big rodent once more.

Peace. (You guys still say that, right?)