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I'm not dead. I promise.

Okay kids. I had a lot of fun in Mexico, I just took a well needed break from my work to go there. I'll have pictures of it soon. They're a lot of fun, I believe. I relaxed a lot at the pool. On the trip back, I was browsing through my datapad once more and found some old holos that everyone might find quite amusing.

I found this hat in Obi-Wan's ship once. I made fun at him for having such a lame hat, of course, then I put it on and he made fun of me for having such a big head. *sigh* What are friends for...

I recently discovered a food on this planet called, "GUMMI BEARS"... they amuse me greatly. Except there were no purple ones. But besides that they taste good and and well, they're little colorful bears.

This is an old holo from my trip to Florida. I look great in yellow, what do you think? Of course, I don't really understand the eyewear that went with that outfit... the lenses seem to be solid yellow. I couldn't see anything out of them. Hm. Must be some kind of protection against blaster bolts or something.

That's all for now. I'll have holos from Mexico soon.

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