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Not yet, kids.

No holos from Mexico yet, sorry. I dropped them off on Coruscant to get developed and I can't go back yet because I'm out on a super secret Jedi mission. But I did find a fun old holo of me on my datapad, plus a couple of fun shots from a holochat program I had been using while bored once.

This was an old shot from when I was at Disney World again. I was on their primitive "Monorail" system, leaving their "Magic Kingdom" that night. I really liked that Space Mountain ride, it reminded me of being in a ship with Obi-Wan flying.

This is from a crazy holochat program called Habbo Hotel. I was talking to one of my Jedi friends who was also using it at the time. We were a bit bored, so we ended up taking our little holo-men avatars to the pool. Isn't my swimming attire the greatest? Although, I wouldn't be able to wear it for real, cause I'd have no place to carry my lightsaber and all. It wouldn't fit.

Here was the time where I was sitting with my friends in the holobar and some poor girl didn't use her 'net (that's holonet, kids) lingo correctly, so I had to tell her how it goes.

This was when boredom set in and I had to scare a girl away from hitting on me, since we aren't allowed attachments and all. Although, she was quite scary -- even if we were allowed attachments, she definitely wouldn't be in the running to be one of them.

That's all for now -- some more pictures when I get back to Coruscant.
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