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A quiz?

These things confuse me, but they amuse me at the same time, I think.

Your Star Wars family by bardgirl2004
FatherBib Fortuna
MotherDepa Billaba
SisterPadme Amidala
BrotherWes Janson
Best FriendCorran Horn
Boyfriend orJacen Solo
GirlfriendPadme Amidala
Quiz created with MemeGen!

There's no way Padme is my girlfriend AND/OR my sister. And Jacen Solo, that kid is loony, in the best way possible. He's controlling his feelings, unlike that stupid ass grandfather of his.

Damn kids.

And wait, Depa as my mom? What?

That's it, I'm taking a nap. I should have some more random holos soon, by the way. And those Mexico holos if I ever get back to Coruscant.

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