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Some Mexico goodness!

Alright. So I know you're sitting there saying, "Oh Mace! Finally you're posting some of your Mexico pictures, you big hot hunk of manflesh!" --- right?

No? Well, you should be, kids.

Ha, anyways. Here's a few pictures of me at the pool in Mexico, by the ocean. I don't have any with other people at the moment because those are still on the other camera. Good job, right? It's not my fault. (And no, I'm not quoting Mr. Calrissian and/or Mr. Solo, thank you very much.)

This is me in my swimsuit. My head really does kind of look big in this picture, which depresses me sorely because I know when Obi-wan sees it, he's gonna laugh. The punk.

Here's me swimming in the pool. I look really happy, yes? I was. It was really nice out and sunny that day, nothing like Coruscant.

Here's me floating. I was at the pool for a long time.

Proof that I was at the pool for a long time. Here I am getting a nice tan.

Here's me sitting on the edge of the pool looking out to the sea. It was peaceful. I meditated there for awhile.

... then of course I got back in the pool. Meditating takes so much out of me, I just had to relax.

I censored my underwear to make this picture worksafe. But that was me drying off after my hours in the pool. And my swimsuit drying too. All the water made my joints ache.

Thanks for waiting for these pictures everyone. You know I'm one bad busy man, what with all this Jedi business at all.

And I'm hungry. Time to go eat some nerf steak. Mmm...
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