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Hey kids!

Greetings! Sorry I've been away for so long. Been training a few padawans and things. But I have a few goodies for you, because I may have a swift pimp hand, but I am generous.

First off, I wanted to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day. Whatever that is. A day of love, but Jedi can't love, so yes. And that is me, holding a candy heart. It says Lover Boy. Those things taste funny, by the way.

I found some fun holos from last Dragon*Con. I went to a restaurant with a few of my Earth friends and I sampled some of your cuisine. Here is me with chocolate cake. It was good.

I like the color green. But I like purple better. Some drink of the alcohol variety. Hmmm.

I tried your "beer"... it was alcoholic and frothy. It may look like I'm scooping it up and drinking it here, but I'm not. I'm wafting the scent up to my face.

I had to sit down after one sip. I don't usually drink alcohol (Jedi!) it gets to me fast. My shoe is kind of coming off in this holo. But I was still all there mentally, Jedi's honor.

... I was sleeping.

Hope everyone is doing well. I'm going to go get Obi-Wan to shut his face now, he's gabbing about that daytime holodrama, "Not Without My Wookiee"... he is a girl, methinks.
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