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Dragon*Con 2007.

So I've finally had enough time off to put these holos up for everyone's amusement (mostly my own, and Obi-Wan's). I have been on a mission trying to shape up Anakin's sorry emoness, but it's not working. That boy needs some serious help. I'll need to find a good rehab for him on Coruscant. I think the galaxy has seen enough shots of him getting out of speeders with no panties on.

Anyways, here's some fun holos from the trip.

That straw looks kind of funny, yes. But the drink was gigantic and I needed a place to sit. And that was the easiest way to be able to reach my drink quick. French fries are salty and I always need to drink after I eat them.

Do you like my new outfit? I was wondering if the orange sandals were too much. I still don't get your fashion on this planet.

Mmmm, your Earth tortilla chips.

It's water, I swear. With... salt on the rim. Cause I like saltwater. Don't look at me like that.

Me and Ronnie, "chillaxing"... what exactly does that word mean, anyways? I heard it so many times that weekend and I don't understand it.

Jason and I watching some television. I think there was some guy with pointy ears on. Something Star Trek related? Star Trek? Seriously? They don't get cool stuff like lightsabers, psh. The dude with the pointy ears was kind of neat though. I would be his friend.

This is Ashley and myself participating in a few rounds of a silly game called Pop 5 Cranium or your Cranium Pops 5 or something. Ashley and I always stuck together on a team, we kept switching. Everytime we were on a team, that team won. If I had hair, I would be flipping it in triumph right now.

This is me in my Christopher Turk outfit again -- eating some nachos. We got room service. I was so hungry. I think I had some of everyone's food. They were too busy watching people on the television box in costume acting or singing or something. I was not interested. I was hungry.

And catch me at Disney World in a couple weeks. I'm sure I'll be getting lots of good holos there. Especially since I will be attending the Halloween party. I love all your weird holidays here on Earth. Heh.
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