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I love this place. How can you all not live there?

I know if I lived on this planet I would definitely live in Disney World. I can afford it. I'm a Jedi (and by afford it I mean Jedi Mind Trick everyone into letting me live there).

These are some holos from awhile back of me at Disney World again. Who wants to come with me next time I go?

Why is Eeyore so damn gloomy all the time? He reminds me of Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan doesn't need his tail pinned back on usually though, he needs his brain pinned back in. Mmmhmm, I said it. That's what he gets for bringing Anakin Skywalker here. :|

Me visiting Pooh and friend's playground and house and such. They weren't around though. I was kind of sad. Dealing with all those tools on Coruscant everyday makes me just want to hug something cuddly. And eat some honey. Or something. See, I'm man enough to admit all this to you guys.

I know people complain about it's a small world. But I like it. I mean, it's not a very long ride cause you all only have to deal with a world and not a damn galaxy. Plus, the chicks on it are hot -- look at them. I didn't say anything.

zoopiglet and tenel_ka got me this nice little replica of my lightsaber. It even lights up. It doesn't make noises though. Which I guess is kind of good cause usually when a lightsaber makes noise, people here on your planet start trying to recreate the noise with their mouths. And that's just obnoxious.


We found this stage in the Magic Kingdom and I put on a performance for everyone. I wish you all could've been there.

Here is myself and my good friend Mooch. He was decked out in his pirate outfit, errr... bandanna (animals don't wear other clothes on your planet). We were sitting around blabbing on the stage about what attraction to hit next. He wanted to go on Jungle Cruise, naturally.

Bet you didn't know I could do the splits like that.

Look! I'm all ready to see the 4-D Bug's Life movie at the Animal Kingdom! Obi-wan can't make fun of my big head because look how huge these glasses are!

Dragon*Con is coming up soon! Tell me you guys are going. Come on. Jedi aren't supposed to kidnap people, but I will kidnap all of you and take you. I will use my amazing plastic hands Jedi strength to take you with me.
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