big head?


Hey everyone. I'm not dead, I promise. You might think I am (if you watched that horrible documentary I was featured in called Episode III: Revenge of the Sith ... it's all propaganda, I tell you what) --- but I'm not. I'm quite alive and quite on some Jedi business.

But I will be taking a vacation soon. At the end of your Earth month May, I'll be in that Disney World place again. They seem to have weekends that month celebrating my Galaxy for some reason.

Oh, and zoopiglet bought me a "cowboy hat" for Christmas. I'll pose it in and take some shots. Just to prove to Obi-wan that my head isn't that big.

The punk.

Anyways, say hi to me if you're gonna be down there. I'll have my guest of honor badge on, as always. I'll post some more pictures here too soon of my last trip. It was amusing.
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big head?

Some Mexico goodness!

Alright. So I know you're sitting there saying, "Oh Mace! Finally you're posting some of your Mexico pictures, you big hot hunk of manflesh!" --- right?

No? Well, you should be, kids.

Ha, anyways. Here's a few pictures of me at the pool in Mexico, by the ocean. I don't have any with other people at the moment because those are still on the other camera. Good job, right? It's not my fault. (And no, I'm not quoting Mr. Calrissian and/or Mr. Solo, thank you very much.)

This is me in my swimsuit. My head really does kind of look big in this picture, which depresses me sorely because I know when Obi-wan sees it, he's gonna laugh. The punk.

Here's me swimming in the pool. I look really happy, yes? I was. It was really nice out and sunny that day, nothing like Coruscant.

Here's me floating. I was at the pool for a long time.

Proof that I was at the pool for a long time. Here I am getting a nice tan.

Here's me sitting on the edge of the pool looking out to the sea. It was peaceful. I meditated there for awhile.

... then of course I got back in the pool. Meditating takes so much out of me, I just had to relax.

I censored my underwear to make this picture worksafe. But that was me drying off after my hours in the pool. And my swimsuit drying too. All the water made my joints ache.

Thanks for waiting for these pictures everyone. You know I'm one bad busy man, what with all this Jedi business at all.

And I'm hungry. Time to go eat some nerf steak. Mmm...
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it's me!

I have a few moments... I figured I would participate in this LJ thing that's being passed around some of my friends.

Go to and type "(your name) needs" Then pick the 5 funniest ones there. If your name is James, you would put this in to the search engine: "James needs." You got the idea... Then copy and paste this into a new post with your answers filled in.

1. There was general agreement that Mace needs to better understand how OMG's work relates to its own.
2. I just want to say that Mace needs some serious love.
(Word! I mean-- Jedi aren't supposed to love.)
3. Mace needs more friends....wanna be her friend?
(I ain't no woman.)
4. Dammit, guards! get in here! Mace needs the patch.
(The patch? I don't need the patch. Death sticks are for pussies.)
5. Mace needs to hire me a butler next...
(That damn Yoda... always thinking I'm his bitch.)

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it's me!

A quiz?

These things confuse me, but they amuse me at the same time, I think.

Your Star Wars family by bardgirl2004
FatherBib Fortuna
MotherDepa Billaba
SisterPadme Amidala
BrotherWes Janson
Best FriendCorran Horn
Boyfriend orJacen Solo
GirlfriendPadme Amidala
Quiz created with MemeGen!

There's no way Padme is my girlfriend AND/OR my sister. And Jacen Solo, that kid is loony, in the best way possible. He's controlling his feelings, unlike that stupid ass grandfather of his.

Damn kids.

And wait, Depa as my mom? What?

That's it, I'm taking a nap. I should have some more random holos soon, by the way. And those Mexico holos if I ever get back to Coruscant.
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Dragon*Con 2005.

So I've returned, kids! I have a few pictures for you all so far. The first three are from my friend barbiejedi who was at the convention as well. We spent a lot of time talking, she's really nice. She also gave me some Colt 45.

I have to say, these Earth people are weird sometimes. I saw some dressed as Anakin (who would want to dress like that punk?) -- and I even saw a Durge (don't tell anyone, but I felt a shiver up my spine).

Anyways, here are a few pictures.

Here's a picture of me and Nick talking. Nick was a really cool guy and he showed me a lot of cool things. But I was kind of on a Colt 45 buzz, thanks to Sarah, so I don't really remember any of it.

This is Jason and I. We were having a growling match. Don't ask why. I think it's cause he's from a place called "Texas" and they must have growling matches a lot there or something. He says I should visit "Texas" one day, I might like it. I'm sure it's way better than Naboo or something.

So, I bet none of you knew that I, Mace Windu, appeared in Chapter 23 of The Joiner King, am I right? Well I did. I was so there. And this picture proves it. I should run Hapes, dammit.

That's me and Sarah -- she likes kissing me. I think it's my awesome bald head.

I swear I had no part in this. I don't even remember it.

That's me right after Sarah gave me my Colt 45.

There's after I started drinking it...

...and then I finished.

Erin and Sarah were fighting over me here. I know Jedi aren't allowed to do that whole love/marriage thing. But who says they can't go on hot dates?

That's me with my head on Ronnie's leg. He's a good friend of mine too. I go to him when I have problems, but he just nods and smiles. Then I give him my Colt 45 cause his shirt tells me too.

Overall, I had a lot of fun at Dragon*Con again this year. And I'm sure I'll find more pictures of myself to post up here from this con in a couple days. But for now, I must go eat my dinner.
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New hat!

My friend zoopiglet got me a new hat. I'll be wearing it this weekend when I go to Atlanta for Dragon*Con.

I'll see some of you crazy beings there. Be sure to say hi!

And there'll be lots of pictures (of me AND my kriffing awesome new hat -- are Jedi allowed to curse like that? Well, whatever.) -- so expect that when I return. Heh!
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Not yet, kids.

No holos from Mexico yet, sorry. I dropped them off on Coruscant to get developed and I can't go back yet because I'm out on a super secret Jedi mission. But I did find a fun old holo of me on my datapad, plus a couple of fun shots from a holochat program I had been using while bored once.

This was an old shot from when I was at Disney World again. I was on their primitive "Monorail" system, leaving their "Magic Kingdom" that night. I really liked that Space Mountain ride, it reminded me of being in a ship with Obi-Wan flying.

This is from a crazy holochat program called Habbo Hotel. I was talking to one of my Jedi friends who was also using it at the time. We were a bit bored, so we ended up taking our little holo-men avatars to the pool. Isn't my swimming attire the greatest? Although, I wouldn't be able to wear it for real, cause I'd have no place to carry my lightsaber and all. It wouldn't fit.

Here was the time where I was sitting with my friends in the holobar and some poor girl didn't use her 'net (that's holonet, kids) lingo correctly, so I had to tell her how it goes.

This was when boredom set in and I had to scare a girl away from hitting on me, since we aren't allowed attachments and all. Although, she was quite scary -- even if we were allowed attachments, she definitely wouldn't be in the running to be one of them.

That's all for now -- some more pictures when I get back to Coruscant.
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I'm not dead. I promise.

Okay kids. I had a lot of fun in Mexico, I just took a well needed break from my work to go there. I'll have pictures of it soon. They're a lot of fun, I believe. I relaxed a lot at the pool. On the trip back, I was browsing through my datapad once more and found some old holos that everyone might find quite amusing.

I found this hat in Obi-Wan's ship once. I made fun at him for having such a lame hat, of course, then I put it on and he made fun of me for having such a big head. *sigh* What are friends for...

I recently discovered a food on this planet called, "GUMMI BEARS"... they amuse me greatly. Except there were no purple ones. But besides that they taste good and and well, they're little colorful bears.

This is an old holo from my trip to Florida. I look great in yellow, what do you think? Of course, I don't really understand the eyewear that went with that outfit... the lenses seem to be solid yellow. I couldn't see anything out of them. Hm. Must be some kind of protection against blaster bolts or something.

That's all for now. I'll have holos from Mexico soon.
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it's me!

Revenge of the Sith

I saw that movie last night -- you know, Revenge of the Sith. The guy who plays me does a really good job. But that's all fiction you know.

I had a lot of fun at the theater and saying hi to everyone in line. I would give you a review of the movie, but I have secret Jedi business to go on now, so maybe I'll write on up later.

(And by secret Jedi business, I may or may not mean lunch.)

Oh and new pictures coming soon!
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it's me!


Hey there everyone! I'm going to be attending this event on this planet here soon, called Celebration III. So if any of you would like to meet me sometime during the convention, please comment here! We can set up a time too. I also got my Dragon*Con ticket in the mail, so I will be attending that as well.

I already have two costumes for this CIII thing, because I hear people like to dress up. I'm going to be dressed as Obi-Wan Kenobi for one day. And Jedi Luke Skywalker as the other. It seems exciting, so I'm happy about going. I get to fly on one of those crazy planes too. :)
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