it's me!

Damn fools.

Today I was at the grocery store (Jedi need to eat sometimes). I came across some silly little chocolate candies called M&Ms. I chuckled to myself because I saw some pictures of peeps that I know on the wrappers. Then I found myself on the peanut variety! (I'm on the one with nuts. Go figure.) I was gonna buy some and try 'em; you know, to see if they are indeed worthy of having my picture on them. (GL sure likes whoring my likeness around...)

So I get to the register and the damn things aren't in the system! Why are they out on the shelf if I can't actually buy 'em? Bastards. The force is NOT with Giant Foods today, dammit.
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it's me!

Update for you all...

This new 50 Cent cd is really good - this planet has some good music.

I found a couple more holos for you all. They were pretty amusing so I thought I'd share.

Look at me at Disney again! This was in front of the castle at the Magic Kingdom at night. Check out how we used Force perspective to make me look really small compared to the castle (or was it the Force... hmmm) -- anyways, I like this picture.

Jedi need to have moments for meditation, even on vacation. Here's one of my more pensive moments while I was in the region known as Florida, somewhere in the Milky Way galaxy - I can't tell you why I was there though, secret Jedi business (that wasn't a... vacation... even though I... hmm... *uses a Jedi mind trick*)

That's all for tonight!
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it's me!

Hi everyone!

I was going through my datapad and I found some holos from Farpoint! I saw all my friends there too.

Here's me and the gang! Anakin was too lazy to dress up nice (it's that "chosen one" business, I guess. Never gives him any time off) -- he was whining about having to do what we told him to do. Which is why he's seated kind of far from the group... he was pouting.

Here's me after a little bit too much Corellian Ale. I was dancing before this - there's pictures of that somewhere -- but man, you shoulda seen me. I'm such a great dancer. Maybe some of you would like to dance with me someday.

Alright kids. It's time for bed. Even a Jedi Master needs his rest.

See you all later!
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it's me!

My first photo entry!

Here are a few pictures. Entries after this should be longer - but I just want to see how this'll work out and all. And I'll be updating between all my Jedi Business... so... yes. Here you go!

Here's me at Disney World. I was pimping with these chicks and there was some guy dressed as me!

Here's me along with someone else dressed up like me at Dragon*Con 2003! For some reason people seem to love dressing up as me.

I can't blame them.


I am pretty awesome after all.

That's all for now. I need to get my beauty sleep. (After I get Kenobi off the comm, he's been blabbing for hours now. I kind of stopped paying attention to him a couple minutes after he started talking. I think he's saying something about "chosen one" or something... whatever.)
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it's me!


My first entry!! There will be pictures of me and my adventures here soon - but for now I have to test everything out and make sure it's all good before I post pictures.

I think Kenobi's trying to comm me too. Can't that man ever leave me alone?
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